Strategic Partnerships Driving Community Outreach

Community outreach and strategic partnerships are fundamental to YLI’s mission. By leveraging Clemson University’s extensive network, we are able to build bridges, open doors to new opportunities, and better serve youth and youth practitioners.

Our strategic partnerships with state and federal agencies have proven the value of long-term collaboration. Government organizations benefit from YLI’s portfolio of services, experience and research capabilities that would be otherwise unavailable to them. Together, we help marginalized youth reach their full potential!


Center for Behavior Analysis

In January 2013, The Clemson University Youth Learning Institute Center for Behavior Analysis (CBA) was created in order to meet a growing global demand for services ranging from performance management to tailored services for marginalized populations, particularly those with autism. In just 5 years, CBA has grown to be an international leader in advancing marginalized populations and education the next generation of practitioners. In 2018, CBA presented “Applied Behavior Analysis, Inclusion, and Individuals with Special Needs” in Dubai United Arab Emirates, Astana, Kazakhstan, and Chisinau, Moldova. International Engagement is at the core of the CBA mission; bringing Behavior Analysis to developing regions and countries where access to behavior analysis and quality services does not exist.



One of our most utilized programs in serving a wide range of partners across the state of South Carolina is ThinkShops. YLI’s professional development organization delivers soft skill and custom technical training to educators, agencies and businesses across the state. Our partners attend ThinkShops training sessions in order to build workplace resilience, leadership skills and organizational capacity. In 2018, ThinkShops scored a 97.5% satisfaction rating from businesses, school districts and state agencies alike.

The US Play Coalition

In 2016, YLI partnered with The US Play Coalition to create a national best-practice honor, the Youth Development Practitioner Award. Each year, YLI’s nominating committee selects one practitioner to honor and recognize their outstanding performance in the creation and implementation of youth development programs or services. This year’s honoree will be named at the 10th Anniversary Conference on the Value of Play in Clemson, SC.

Center for Behavior Analysis


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