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The Youth Learning Institute spans the state of South Carolina from the Lowcountry, through the Midlands, to the Upstate. With over 1000 acres of property on 6 sites, YLI’s land is as diverse as it’s people. Our 300-person staff is comprised of direct service workers, administrative staff, researchers, educators, and many others. Our staff & participants match the racial demographics of the state of South Carolina.


Spectrum - Creating a more inclusive Clemson

YLI’s Center for Behavior Analysis (CBA) is a key player in a new Clemson Initiative supporting students who identify on the autism spectrum. Currently there are no known post-secondary programs for degree-seeking students in South Carolina, North Carolina or Georgia to provide services for students with autism. Clemson is hoping to fill this gap and will be offering a program of customized support services for students who identify on the autism spectrum beginning in the 2019-20 academic year. The program will provide support across four areas: academic skills and resilience; personal and interpersonal skills; independent living and social skills; and career and professional skills.

Risk Management

In order to ensure YLI services and facilities meet programmatic, safety, and fiscal standards, all YLI activities are subject to over 20 annual internal and external audits. In 2018, George & George Educational Consultants, LLC conducted a peer review of the educational and rehabilitative program services provided by Clemson University Youth Learning Institute. Based on their analysis, they concluded that services provided by YLI are...

“well designed and of high quality, that staff members are qualified as defined by state regulations and that plans for anticipating and mitigating risks and future crises are proactive and comprehensive”

Center for Behavior Analysis


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