We offer a wide range of knowledge-building services to help your team succeed.

Organizational Development

The team is prepared to provide a broad range of organizational development supports to agencies seeking to achieve organizational changes to service programs. This may include the development of a comprehensive approach utilizing a broad range of the services outlined in this section.

Program Design

Our program design services include: conducting needs assessments, defining program principles, objectives and outcomes, identifying program components, developing policies and procedures, examining funding strategies, and developing and monitoring a budget.

Evaluation Research

These studies include the provision of technical assistance in the identification of desired program outcome objectives and measures and the collection and processing of data based on these identifications. This data may include the study of participant outcome experience and secondary data collected in the service provision process. The focus of these kinds of studies is to help identify and inform what can be adjusted to improve participant outcomes.

Training Needs Assessment

This service includes assistance in identifying required competencies needed by staff to carry out the job, the measurement as to the degree to which staff have these competencies, and the identification of priority training needs based on this measurement. The results provide clear guidance to inform the development of training materials and approaches.

Professional Development Supports

The OROD team is prepared to assist agencies with the development of training materials and approaches based on the results of training needs assessments. This may include the direct provision of training or the securing of other training resources such as national experts, as needed.

Research Studies

The OROD team conceptualizes and conducts research studies based on population characteristics and service needs of partner organizations.

Experience Satisfaction Surveys

These studies can help identify the degree to which participants are satisfied with the services received and specific information on their experience as a service recipient. These can range in size from small demonstration studies to surveys of large populations served by statewide programs such as those served by the SCDHHS Community Long Term Care waiver program. Any data that can inform policy and practice approaches will be shared with the client organization with the goal of improving services offered.

Research Support Services

Not only does OROD engage in applied research with our partner agencies, but we are also available to work with Clemson University faculty and students to provide research support and training.

Health & Welfare Studies

Program participant health and welfare studies include collecting data directly from participants related to their behaviors in support of their own health issues. It includes looking at preventative health issues, and the ability to respond to health emergencies.

Research Support Services

Not only does OROD engage in applied research with our partner agencies, but we are also available to work with Clemson University faculty and students to provide research support and training.

Clemson Student Employment

OROD proudly hires and trains Clemson University students as research assistants. OROD RAs will gain experience in survey development, telephone interviewing, data cleaning, basic data analysis, research dissemination, assisting with organizing a statewide conference, and more, all while getting paid competitive wages. RAs are provided with opportunities for professional development as well which in the past have included resume development, conference presentations, etc.

Call Center

Our call center houses 20 work stations outfitted with dedicated phone lines and computers set up for survey interviewing using a CATI system called The Survey System. All of our call center policies are designed to protect any sensitive information in adherence to HIPAA and Clemson University standards. The call center is secured with camera surveillance and unique user IDs for keyless entry. OROD has the capacity to train student interviewers, to program surveys into the CATI system, to conduct data collection, to prepare survey data for analysis, and to provide analytic support.

Dissemination Support

OROD has experience disseminating their research findings to partner agencies in the form of conferences aimed at sharing the latest practice approaches with practitioners. We also have experience teaming with agency staff in the creation and delivery of formal presentations at professional meetings. Included in dissemination services is the drafting of both formal research reports on our findings and professional papers as appropriate. Our team of experienced professionals can also provide support to the Clemson community in assisting with dissemination efforts in the peer-reviewed arenas.


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