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We build capacity by creating experiences that maximize potential for individuals and organizations. 

Our team shows up every day to train and develop the next generation of South Carolina’s leaders.

CULI exists to accomplish three goals

1 .

Offer students experiential learning through applied research opportunities that have real-world impact.

2 .

Serve as a pragmatic resource for internal and external partners equipping them with best practice models.

3 .

Create, deliver, and evaluate programs that build capacity to improve and enhance lives in South Carolina and beyond.

In alignment with Clemson Elevate

We have created an environment where...

  • Hands-on, experiential learning
  • Opportunities for research education
  • Engagement with 50+ Clemson students annually through employment, internships, and assistantships
  • Positioned within Clemson’s Division of Research to creatively explore, evaluate, and improve new and existing programs
  • Operate a secure research facility in Pickens, SC
  • Collaborate in creating partnerships
  • Received over $50M in sponsored awards
  • Offer programs and trainings that help stabilize educator workforce and employee retention
  • Encourage and support academic success
  • Provide health and wellness education to 12,000+ throughout SC
  • Assist local community agencies in solving real-world problems

Letter from our Executive Director

Formerly known as the Clemson University Youth Learning Institute (YLI), we have shortened our name to the Clemson University Learning Institute (CULI) to more accurately reflect our work with people of all ages. Initially established in 2001 as a public service unit, YLI was focused on creating and implementing innovative programs for youth. Then in 2015, we were repositioned under Clemson’s Division of Research, Scholarship and Creative Endeavors. This meant that in addition to continuing to serve individuals in various capacities, our unit was tasked with developing robust research and evaluation focused on human performance and resilience.

Annually, CULI serves over 30,000 participants with a $15 million budget that is 100% self-generated and has generated more than $200 million in external revenue since its inception.

CULI helps fulfill Clemson’s strategic plan to propel success and strengthen its reputation by being recognized in experiential learning, applied research, and building community throughout South Carolina and beyond. We accomplish this by developing unique public/private partnerships and creating best practice models that maximize the potential for individuals and organizations. Our flexibility allows us to pilot new initiatives that can be evaluated, replicated, and scaled by our partnering agencies.

I believe that through our efforts, we further strengthen Clemson University and promote the mission of a land-grant university by serving people, solving real problems, and creating a better tomorrow. 

Stephen Lance Photo Stephen W. Lance
Executive Director
Clemson University Learning Institute