Guiding Framework

OROD’s theoretical framework provides a systematic approach for guiding all work completed. This framework is an iterative process that informs and touches most, if not all, aspects of OROD’s work.

Sustain Change
Design and Plan Innovation
Guide and Monitor Implementation
Build Capacity
Evaluation Studies

OROD takes a comprehensive approach to evaluation research, which starts with providing technical assistance to identify desired outcomes. To accurately assess if desired outcomes are being achieved, OROD utilizes established and validated measurement tools and data collection processes. Collected data is analyzed using techniques to identify and inform programmatic adjustments which may be made to improve participant outcomes. OROD’s theoretical framework guides evaluation research at all stages of a program life cycle.

Research Projects

OROD’s theoretical framework is used to shape research studies and displays how the research process unfolds. Each step in the design and research process is carried out methodically and carefully to ensure study validity. OROD views its relationship with Clemson University as a tremendous asset and harnesses this relationship through frequent collaboration with faculty to support and carry out the research process. OROD’s collaborative work with Clemson faculty helps to inform real-world change.

Organizational Development

Achieving desired outcomes requires actively taking steps toward quality improvement and monitoring for quality assurance. OROD utilizes the guiding framework to determine how and why an organization may not be achieving desired results. This process also assists with outlining the changes that are necessary to consistently attain the desired results. Through partnering with OROD, organizations determine barriers to success and refine strategies, policies, and processes that lead to reaching organizational goals.

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