Undergraduate Employment Opportunity: Research Assistant

The Office of Research and Organizational Development (OROD) proudly hires and trains Clemson University undergraduate students as research assistants (RAs).

This is an off-campus position located at the research call center at Clemson’s Learning Institute, 698 Concord Church Road, Pickens, SC 29671.

Job Description and Benefits

The OROD team strives to provide a supportive and encouraging work environment. We understand that gaining research experience is valuable to many undergraduate students; therefore, OROD is committed to supporting and enhancing our RAs’ undergraduate experience by providing valuable first-hand involvement in the research process. In addition to research, OROD RAs are provided opportunities for professional development which include resume building, interviewing skills, planning and organizing a statewide conference, and other topics of interest to the RAs. Other benefits of this position include competitive pay rates, experience using data collection and analysis software, and working with supportive mentors who have a variety of backgrounds. Many former RAs have drawn on their experience gained at OROD to enhance applications to graduate school as well.

Job Requirements

OROD employs Clemson University undergraduates as RAs. OROD values team members who have a strong capacity for teamwork, the ability to manage time and work independently, exemplary organizational skills, and superior communication skills with the ability to engage telephonically. Specific job requirements include:

  • Commitment to work a minimum of 8 hours per week during the academic year and summer
  • One-year work commitment
  • Computer proficiency
  • Reliable transportation to the CULI Campus in Pickens, SC (approximately 30 minutes from Clemson’s main campus)
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“Being a Research Assistant for OROD has contributed to my professional development and preparing me for life after college. OROD has helped me grow in areas I felt I was weak in such as public speaking and research. We are essentially like a family, and I would not trade the experience for the world.”

- Class of ’21 Research Assistant.

“Being a research assistant (RA) has broadened my knowledge of the process of collecting and analyzing research. We are collecting data from various groups within society. As a sociology major, this has given me firsthand experience and educated me of the economic hardships and lack of resources individuals within these particular groups endure.”

- Class of ’20 Research Assistant.

“RAs are exposed to multiple components of the research development process. They’re given a sense of agency and responsibility by continuously being integrated into OROD’s initiatives. The staff is very supportive and supports RAs not only professionally but in all facets of their life.”

- Class of ’21 Research Assistant.
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