Data Collection

OROD researchers are trained in both qualitative and quantitative data collection methods and are competent using mixed methods approaches. Additionally, researchers have extensive experience conducting interviews, leading focus groups and administering questionnaires. OROD also has a fully staffed call center designed for telephonic data collection.

Face to Face Interviews:

OROD researchers are qualified to conduct in person interviews and focus groups. OROD has experience working with the elderly, children, and other vulnerable study populations. Logistical challenges such as scheduling interviews and travel are coordinated by OROD project managers with an emphasis on maintaining participant confidentiality and ensuring data security.

Telephonic Interviews:

OROD’s call center houses 20 workstations outfitted with dedicated phone lines and computers set up for survey interviewing using a Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) system. Call center policies are designed to ensure data security and protection. OROD proudly staffs the call center with Clemson University students.

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