Designing Research and Evaluation

Office of Research and Organizational Development (OROD) scientifically studies and solves practical problems with the goal of improving lives. With a wealth of project development experience, OROD can develop research projects that identify challenges and inform solutions. Additionally, OROD utilizes the wealth of resources at Clemson to ensure that all research complies with ethical standards.

Using our guiding framework, OROD takes a systematic approach to designing research projects and evaluating programs. OROD identifies client needs, develops a research strategy, and determines the best method of data collection. Our researchers have over 25 years of combined experience evaluating programs and conducting research in community and academic settings. OROD utilizes the combination of staff experience and university resources to conduct rigorous research for both public and private organizations.

Identification of Measurables:

OROD works directly with clients to identify data needed to answer research questions. When evaluating programs, OROD researchers utilize their extensive experience to determine factors that contribute to program outcomes. Once necessary data are identified, OROD researchers develop reliable and accurate data collection tools based on academic standards.

Instrument Development:

OROD researchers do a comprehensive literature review to identify appropriate and validated measures for each study. Data collection instruments are designed to collect data in a consistent and unbiased manner.

Human Subjects Compliance:

All research conducted by OROD is subject to the oversight of Clemson University’s Office of Research Compliance. OROD and Clemson University’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) work in concert to ensure the protection of all human research subjects. When applicable, research conducted by OROD complies with all requirements of the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA). All OROD employees are CITI certified to conduct Human Subjects Research (HSR).

Data Protection:

OROD adheres to Clemson University’s data security standards by using Clemson University’s secure server to protect all research data. In the field, extensive measures are taken to ensure that data are collected and secured in a manner that protects human subjects. OROD’s Call Center policies, including the use of camera surveillance and unique user IDs for keyless entry, are designed to protect sensitive information.

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