Organizational Development

OROD is committed to developing organizations and supporting employees through planned and strategic change using our guiding framework. OROD begins by spending time with employees, assessing strengths, reviewing processes, and learning the culture and core values of each organization’s team to effectively build capacity. OROD works with you to identify your strengths and barriers to success and modify processes to facilitate change. Our team has experience with curriculum development, technical training, and coaching for quality improvement.

Curriculum Development:

OROD uses proven instructional methodology to develop state-of-the-art, customized training solutions. OROD curriculum is designed to engage target audiences and fulfill business objectives.

Technical Training:

Through enhancement of knowledge, skills and abilities, OROD’s technical training empowers organizations to implement innovation and to prepare staff to perform evolving duties. We work with you to determine what skill sets may need refreshing and to develop trainings that prepare your team for new policies and procedures. Our technical training is customized to meet the unique needs of your team. Our partner, ThinkShops, are experts at developing soft skills in the workplace such as managing stress, team building, and communication.


OROD provides targeted feedback and innovation support based on comparison of details within implementation plan and what is learned through process and outcome evaluation. Coaching is used to provide information gathered from stakeholders to inform further planning and adaptation of an innovation.

Create. Deliver. Evaluate.
Building individual and organizational capacity through development, evaluation and research.